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Got Inspiration?  Wanna dish out some tough love? Have a story women need to hear? Request an invite to Brunch!  We're always looking for fabulous guests to chat with.

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Put your product or service in the spotlight!  These are well-produced, non-informercialy and engaging paid segments. 

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Providing high-quality human hair wigs since 1960. You will feel confident in growing your business by working with iWig. 


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Your fave BRUNCH conversations are now a TV show.

"Brunch with Courtney Perna" is where the fun conversations, the hard talks, and the "girl, whaaaaat?" commentary mingle. 

Episodes available on

About Brunch

"Brunch with Courtney Perna" is all about uplifting the sisterhood - we got you, girl!  Part entertaining lifestyle TV and part in-depth talk show, you'll get inspirational stories from women and our allies just like you.  All with the energy of a mimosa-fueled brunch!

When you go to brunch with your people, the ones you vibe with, then you know Brunch is more than just a meal. It's a gathering of allies to laugh or cry - it's where friends turn into Hype Women! It's where the tough conversations and the "girl, whaaaaat?" conversations mingle.  And, you're invited!

About Courtney

Hi there!  I'm Courtney Perna - an EMMY Award winner for Best TV Host.  Woo hoo! I'm less interested in celebrity gossip and more interested in exploring different points-of-view from a place of love and supporting the sisterhood, instead of competing against each other.  Girl, I got your back!

I'm authentic - what you see is what you get.  I'm a dreamer. A cheerleader for women and our allies. A darn good interviewer. A dynamic soul with vivacious energy and a fearless appetite to try anything. I'm a producer, a broadcast writer, a versatile journalist, and a new business owner. Thanks for joining us on "Brunch with Courtney Perna".